Donation: why?

You have read my posts and encouraged me since the creation of this blog. This panorama work contains my contributions on history subjects and Greek cultural realities. It is a personal and original work in its conception, completion, investigations, documentation, translations and financing, without any external intervention, except of course, the assistance of Kendavros, tireless creator, advisor and technical administrator of “GreekCity” since 2005.

On this blog, I share my travel impressions, the results of my research since the 90s, as well as my analyzes on various themes, both on curiosities specific to Greece and the stories and legends of the Hellenes, antiquity to the present day, without forgetting “their” animals… and “their” anecdotes.

In the hope that you will find useful knowledge and even pleasure, this blog will accompany you throughout this path of knowledge and “journey”.

This work is not linked to any third party company or any organization, in order to allow me to write as I have always done, in complete independence and freedom.

I also refuse any type of advertising or promotion, beyond my own activities and in particular that of “Greece Otherwise”, which brings an innovative and responsible meaning to travel, allowing you to discover the tailor-made Hellenic country.

I refuse to operate among you, a selection by money. I want access to my texts to remain free, because I intend to continue to address those for whom anything that is not free is too expensive.

You can help me using the classic formula in the field of free software, by making a donation via PayPal.