• Annual Call

    In these times when world history seems to be accelerating again, on “GreekCity” we focus on everything that still has a little stability, even hope and good pleasure, against all odds. Continuing at all costs on our path of knowledge, we take note of the rich geographical, cultural and historical realities of Greece. You will find often little-known anecdotes, and local stories, reaching numerous texts published since… the second life of “GreekCity”, from July 2023. As you know, the blog, free of any institutional or other affiliation, only functions with the help of your donations and thanks to your contributions, serving to cover its costs and in reality, the largely primary needs of its author, because quite simply, “GreekCity” without its readers does not exist. During this Christmas and end-of-year holiday period we are launching an exceptional financial support campaign, thus becoming, by force of reality, an annual campaign. This campaign, which will last two months, requests your attention and support to reach €3,000 at the end of January, a sum allowing the minimum operation of the site. I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your loyalty and for your support over a long time. You can make your donations on PayPal, using the “Donate” button. If you prefer to make a bank transfer, please use our “donation” page. With all friendship and with all our best wishes for Christmas and thus the end of year celebrations! Panagiótis Grigoríou * Cover photo: GreekCity, July 2023