Cultural expressions and ways of life, past as well as contemporary.

  • Visit of Meteora

    The Greek winter is dying quickly again this year, according to the unanimous affirmation of the moment, thus paraphrasing a talented spy and equally famous writer. End of February in the land of Zeus and it is already Spring, even under the rocks of the eternal Meteora. Visiting them at this time of year also avoids the usual crowds of the high summer season. This is exactly what we did, because “Greece Differently” is first and foremost for all times.

  • The Evzones

    Who among the visitors to Athens has not sent an illustrated postcard of an Evzone, literally ’the one who wears his belt well’, or has not directly photographed this legendary Hellenic Presidential Guard, traditionally dressed in its short-flared petticoat, fustanelle and its pompom shoes. Emblematic figures of Greek national folklore and at the same time a historical elite body, the Evzones are the appointed epigones of the klephtes, literally the thieves, these bandits – supporters of the Greek War of Independence from 1821 to 1830, liberating the country from the yoke of the Ottoman Empire.