For the varied, changing, composite, different, dissimilar, distinct, diversified, eclectic, heterogeneous, variegated, hybrid, variable, unequal, moving, multiform, multiple, variegated.

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    In these times when world history seems to be accelerating again, on “GreekCity” we focus on everything that still has a little stability, even hope and good pleasure, against all odds. Continuing at all costs on our path of knowledge, we take note of the rich geographical, cultural and historical realities of Greece. You will find often little-known anecdotes, and local stories, reaching numerous texts published since… the second life of “GreekCity”, from July 2023. As you know, the blog, free of any institutional or other affiliation, only functions with the help of your donations and thanks to your contributions, serving to cover its costs and in reality, the largely…