Curriculum Vitae of Kendavros

Kendavros, whose real name is Aristotle Koumoútsis [Αριστοτέλης Κουμούτσης], tireless creator, advisor and technical administrator of “GreekCity” since 2005, is originally from the region of Thessaly and the city of Volos [Βόλος], which is built on the ruins of the ancient city of ’Iolkós [Ιωλκός] where Jason and the Argonauts. It is located at the foot of Mount Pelion [Πήλιο], and it is according to the legend on its slopes that the gods of Olympus spent… their summer holidays, without forgetting the stories of the wars and the exploits of its main occupants, in namely, the mythical Centaurs [Κένταυρος], which it seems, are heard again and again.

Trained first in Greece and more precisely on the island of Rhodes in the tourism and hotel management professions, it was then in France that he continued his university training, first in the field of administration, law and management, then applied mathematics, linguistics and finally data analysis and computer science.

Responsible for the Interacademic Center for Computer Processing [CIATI] on behalf of the University of Paris VIII-Vincennes in the 1980s, he is the initiator of multiple projects, notably that of the computerization of the faculty, the training of trainers, as lecturer of the Fédération of Secular Works [FOL], as well as the fun approach to computing for children, during the rehabilitation of slaughterhouses and the preparation of the City of Sciences and Industry in the Villette district of Paris, among others.

He will quickly belong to the pioneers of Computer Science in France and well beyond, and after having taught and disseminated it within the University of Paris VIII to the departments of Computer Science and Educational Sciences, he began a very long career in the private sector, having been, among other things, the initiator of his own business projects.

As a rigorous specialist in high-level IT, he is always active and ready to act and intervene as an advisor and speaker, sharing most of his retired time in volunteering and secular works, between France and Greece.

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About the “Centaurs”…

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* Cover photo: “The battle of the centaurs and wild beasts”, mosaic estimated between 120 and 130 AD.
* [State Museum of Berlin, Germany]