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  • Visit of Meteora

    The Greek winter is dying quickly again this year, according to the unanimous affirmation of the moment, thus paraphrasing a talented spy and equally famous writer. End of February in the land of Zeus and it is already Spring, even under the rocks of the eternal Meteora. Visiting them at this time of year also avoids the usual crowds of the high summer season. This is exactly what we did, because “Greece Differently” is first and foremost for all times.

  • Code Name: HEW/LGAT

    The memory of a country is sometimes linked to the reputation of its airports… even abandoned ones. From a childhood shared between Athens and Thessaly, I will always remember the attraction exerted on us by the site of Ellinikó, in other words, the historic airport of Athens, known by the international code: HEW/LGAT.By chance we were living at the time in the Heliopolis district and the rue… of Thessalie, beautiful… location I must say, under Mount Hymettus, exactly opposite the airport, the sea before our eyes.Heliopolis, not from Egypt but from the great Athenian East. Childhood dreams.